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Archery in Mongolia

Like stallion dashing, the game of bows and arrows starts from the warring period, beginning from around the 11th century. Bowmen utilize a twisted composite bow made of layered horn, bark and wood. As a rule, bolts are produced using willows and the plumes are from vultures and different feathered creatures of prey. 

Generally dressed male toxophilite stand 75m from the objective, while ladies bowmen stand 60m from it. The objective is a line of up to 360-round dark, red and/or yellow cowhide rings (known as sur) on the ground. For the most part there are just around 20 or 30 rings. After every shot, exceptional judges who remain close to the objective (however wonderfully never get harmed) radiate a short cry called a uukhai, and bring their hands up noticeable all around to show the nature of the shot. The champ who hits the objectives the most times is announced the best toxophilite, or mergen.

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