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Khorgo terkhiin tsagaa lake national park

Khangai is an extraordinary and wonderful development of nature, and additionally a home to numerous uncommon types of plant and untamed life. There are numerous wellsprings of mineral waters and springs. Since old time, a recorded custom to love this zone has been taken after. The recreation center covers 77, 267 hectares in Arkhangai Province and was set up in 1998. It's an extremely troublesome spot to reach, however may be justified regardless of the exertion if the jeep street, which is either sloppy or potholed, is tolerable. 

Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake – Known as Great White Lake will be lake in the Khangai Mountains in focal Mongolia. In February, 2011 it was included escape area on CNN.com. Terkhiin Tsagaan lake is a terrifically wonderful lake with clear as can be water. The magma streams of Khorgo Volcanic emission hindered the north and south Terkh Rivers and framed this lovely Terkhiin Tsagaan lake at an elevation of 2060m above ocean level. The lake is 16km wide, 4-10 meters profound with its most profound point at 28m and 20km long. Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake itself, birdlife and mountains are currently secured inside of the national park's confinement. The lake is ideal for swimming which has white sandy shorelines. 

Khorgo Volcano - Khorgo is situated on the northern piece of Khangai Mountain Range at a height of 2965m above ocean level and around 700 km from UB, 4km from Tariat soum of Arkhangai region. Khorgo well of lava is dead fountain of liquid magma secured with basalt. The spring of gushing lava pit of the Togoo Uul is 200m wide and 100 profound. It has been secured subsequent to 1965 to shield dynamite mountain view and jeopardized fauna and vegetation. The recreation center has 1600 types of plants 46 types of warm blooded animals, 227 types of feathered creatures, 2 types of reptiles, 12 types of fish home to Roe Deer; Sibirean Deer; Wolf; Pallas Cat; Red Fox and Sibirean Marmot. Brilliant Eagle; Great Bustard; Saker Falcon; Black Stork; Baikal Teal and Ruddy Shelduch guideline the skies. 

Chuluut River Canyon – One of the great common attractions of the Khangai district is Chuluut waterway and its grand gorch. The Chuluut River ascends in Egiin Pass of the Khangai Mountain range and streams for 415km north to join the Ider River, further streams to Selenge River. The Chuluut River courses through a sheer basalt gorch, which broadens 100km from magma of close-by dead well of lava Khorgo and others. There are cool springs called Choidog Borgio, where the Chuluut and Ikh Jargalantiin Rivers blend. It is splendid spot for trekking, angling and outdoors. 

Taikhar Rock – This vast rock that emerges amidst a plain in Mongolia is found 22km along the fundamental street west of Tsetserleg city - a common capital. This is a tremendous rock, there is nothing comparative in the area. The Taikhar chuluu is secured with engravings going back similarly as Turkic lead in Mongolia. Those engravings were trailed by all the more in the Mongol dialect, then Tibetan, and considerably more current graffiti. 

Obviously, the stone itself did not come here without anyone else's input, the legend says. Long time prior there carried on a legend here called Bökebilig ("Strong and savvy"). All of a sudden a vast snake began to turn out from under the earth. Bökebilig did not care for this, and he pushed back the snake from where it came, and afterward he shut the mouth of its buckle with this stone which has been remaining here from that point forward. Not a long way from the stone there is a little mountain called Altan sandali ("Golden throne"), of which custom says that Bökebilig took a lay on it, while washing his hands in the close-by Tamir waterway. 

Ugii Lake - Ugii Lake is 1.337 meters over the ocean level in Ugii soum in Arkhangai area. It secured 25 square kilometers, and is known for its achieve fowl and fish assorted qualities. The fish populace is spoken to by pike and catfish which are the most well-known sorts sufficiently giving fish to modern angling. Fifty to eighty tons are gotten yearly. Among the fowls, it is not uncommon to spot at Swan Goose, White Spoonbill and Dalmatian

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