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Mongolia history and about

Traveling tribes that occasionally looted horticulturally based China from the west are recorded in Chinese history going back over 2,000 years. It was to shield China from these ravaging people groups that the Great Wall was developed around 200 B.C. The name Mongol originates from a little tribe whose pioneer, Ghengis Khan, started a triumph that would inevitably include a gigantic domain extending from Asia to Europe, as far west as the Black Sea and as far south as India and the Himalayas. At the same time, by the 14th century, the kingdom was in genuine decrease, with attacks from a resurgent China and internecine fighting. 

The State of Mongolia was in the past known as Outer Mongolia. It contains the first country of the memorable Mongols, whose force came to its apex amid the 13th century under Kublai Khan. The region acknowledged Manchu run in 1689, yet after the Chinese Revolution of 1911 and the fall of the Manchus in 1912, the northern Mongol rulers removed the Chinese authorities and announced autonomy under the Khutukhtu, or "Living Buddha." 

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