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Like stallion dashing, the game of bows and arrows starts from the warring period, beginning from around the 11th century. Bowmen utilize a twisted composite bow made of layered horn, bark and wood. As a rule, bolts are produced using willows and the plumes are from vultures and different feathered creatures of prey. 

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There are regularly six classes of steed hustling, contingent upon the period of steeds: for instance, a two-year-old stallion, called a shudlen, will race for 15km, while six and seven-year-old azrag and ikh nas stallions race for up to 30km.

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Wrestling, bows and arrows and stallion hustling are held amid the first and second days. Next to no happens on the third day, so get smashed the day preceding, and utilization it to recoup from an aftereffect like from a headache like others does. Amid the three days, couple of eateries and shops open and practically nobody works.

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