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Khustai National Park, found roughly 100 km southwest from Ulaanbaatar, is the home to Przewalski horse, the last really wild steed initially found by a Russian zoologist Nikolai MikhailovichPrzhevalsky in 1870s. In the 1960s the steed got to be wiped out in the wild, to a great extent because of rivalry with residential domesticated animals for touching land and water and to chasing for horsemeat. 

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A substantial number of ethnicities have occupied Mongolia since ancient times. The greater part of these individuals were travelers who, now and again, shaped confederations that rose to noticeable quality. The principal of these, the Xiongnu, were united to shape a confederation by Modun Shanyu in 209 BC. 

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After breakfast at motel, we will drive essentially outside of UB to get on a helicopter to go to the old-fashioned capital of Mongolia-Karakorum. Our first stop is Bayangobi, an extraordinary combination of steppe, sand, and mountains. Interface Khoyor Zagal ger camp.

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In July 1921 in the focal point of Ulaanbaatar, the 'legend of the upheaval', Damdin Sükhbaatar, pronounced Mongolia's last autonomy from the Chinese. The square now highlights a bronze statue of Sükhbaatar on the back of his steed. In 2013 the city powers changed the name from Sükhbaatar Square to Chinggis Khaan Square, albeit numerous subjects still allude to it by the old name. 

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In the heart of downtown Ulaanbaatar, lies the urban haven of the extravagance Hotel "Ulaanbaatar", offering rich five-star convenience improved by neighborly and effective administration. 

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As indicated by the Mongol saying "a Mongol man without a stallion is similar to a flying creature without wings". Mongolian traveling society is seriously connected to stallions.

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ituated on Tokyo Street and Beijing Street, inside of a 15-moment stroll from the significant government, business and social focuses, the 4-star Chinggis Khaan Hotel appreciates a calm area in an essential neighborhood. It houses an indoor swimming pool, back rub and sauna benefits, an in vogue dance club, karaoke rooms and an assortment of feasting alternatives. Free Wi-Fi is given.

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We offer you taking after now and again street vehicles with an accomplished driver. You can travel these autos for aggregate kilometers. 

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Like stallion dashing, the game of bows and arrows starts from the warring period, beginning from around the 11th century. Bowmen utilize a twisted composite bow made of layered horn, bark and wood. As a rule, bolts are produced using willows and the plumes are from vultures and different feathered creatures of prey. 

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There are regularly six classes of steed hustling, contingent upon the period of steeds: for instance, a two-year-old stallion, called a shudlen, will race for 15km, while six and seven-year-old azrag and ikh nas stallions race for up to 30km.

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Wrestling, bows and arrows and stallion hustling are held amid the first and second days. Next to no happens on the third day, so get smashed the day preceding, and utilization it to recoup from an aftereffect like from a headache like others does. Amid the three days, couple of eateries and shops open and practically nobody works.

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Khuvsgul is a place where there is thick timberlands, surging streams, shining lakes and rough mountains. It's Mongolia's most wonderful territory and apparently every waterway twist or lake bay offers new and superb shocks. It does rain a ton amid summer, yet this just adds to the landscape: rainbows hang over glades dabbed with white gers and touching steeds and yaks. 

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Kharkhorin - In 1220 Chinggis Khaan built up the capital of Mongolian realm on the fruitful fields along the Orkhon River. This is called Kharkhorin, 373 km from Ulaanbaatar city. Kharkhorin is situated at the lower end of the upper valley of the Orkhon River, which is part if the World Heritage Site Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape. The area denote the eastern foothills of 

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Terelj National Park - is a presentation of steppe locales of the southwestern piece of Khentii mountain range. In 1993, the Gorkhi-Terelj territory was secured as a National Park, particularly as a result of its common grand excellence it has been utilized as a tourism destination by both Mongolians and outsiders since 1964.

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The Monastery of Tranquil Felicity is one of the three biggest Buddhist focuses in Mongolia is situated close to the Selenge River in the Iven valley, at the foot of Mount Buren Khaan of Selenge Province in northern Mongolia. The closest town is Erdenet which is around 60 km toward the southwest. 

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Khangai is an extraordinary and wonderful development of nature, and additionally a home to numerous uncommon types of plant and untamed life. There are numerous wellsprings of mineral waters and springs. Since old time, a recorded custom to love this zone has been taken after. 

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Altai Tavan Bogd is the nighest mountain in Mongolia. The significance of the name is Five Saints of Altai. This mountain is situated in the Bayan Ulgii territory. The Huiten Peak is the most elevated purpose of Mongolia at 4374 meters above ocean level. Other than Huiten top, the mountain incorporates four crests as Nairamdal, Malchin, Burged and Ulgii. 

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Three Beauties of the Gobi is the name for this park. The name is gotten from three mountain goes, the East, Middle and West Beauty. This park was built up in 1993 and expanded its present region in 2000.

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normal for the ensured range, which stretches out for more than 200 kilometers along the Chinese outskirt. This territory is situated in Dornod aimag and Sukhbaatar aimag and is the main illustrative of the steppe land area which has not been affected by monetary exercises.

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The chestnut fields and rough outcrops of Middle Gobi region extend more than 78'000 square kilometers of domain between Tuv area and the South Gobi. The northern piece of the territory is relatively green, yet the southern region looks more like the Gobi Desert. The region is a genuine finding for archeologists and researchers examining the Mongolian history of the 10-12th hundreds of years.

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For 3 000 years, the populace of the steppes have embraced a peaceful lifestyle moving in the hunt of best fields and camping areas. They live by and for their animals, in the front line of which the stallion without a doubt was the first creature trained in these unbounded knolls. Today, more or less a large portion of ofMongolia's populace is as yet meandering the limitless fields living in the ger and moving their campings a few times each year on the grounds with no wall.

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The Mongolian, Kyrgyz and Kazakh individuals live in ger what the West, after Russians, call yurt. In any case, Kyrgyz and Kazakh individuals have surrendered the compact home of travelers and as of now exchanged to a stationary lifestyle. Hovel was the first human staying 10 thousand years prior. 

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Mongolian travelers are pastoralists who live in close autarky, the life of the family relies on upon the wellbeing of groups and is punctuated via tending to creatures. Customarily, a Mongolian roaming family has five sorts of creatures, accumulated under the name of five gags, which are separated between. 

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This sacrosanct mountain is Located south of the capital. Ulaanbaatar is the South - Western goad of the Khentii mountain range. The Tsetsee guin (2257m) is the summit. The 40.8km 2 massif has been ensured following 1778 and is viewed as one of the most established normal holds on the planet.

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