Completely landlocked between two large neighbors – Russian Federation and China. It was immeasurably bigger during the period of Mongol conquest under Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan. Until the 20th century Mongolia was twice its present size and included a large chunk of Siberia and Inner Mongolia (now controlled by China.

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Creatures adjusted to all sort of biological systems, for example, woods, steppe, desert, snow capped, tundra, bone and water encompassing forest, have built up themselves in Mongolia. Numerous creatures, which are as often as possible spread all through the Siberian taiga, European-sort woodlands, western Asia and Turan desert, are incorporated in the previously stated creatures. Likewise there are numerous endemic species, which are found in just forsakes and steppes of Central and Eastern Asia.

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Mazaalai – this straightforward mongolian world means Gobi Bear who occupies in the Gobi desert of Mongolia. No other place on the whole Earth is home for this uncommon specie of Bear. Its logical name is Ursus Arctos Gobiensis. It's recorded in the Red Book of Mongolia with a status of VERY RARE. They were found in the Desert of Aj Bogdo of West Altai mountain goes in mid 1920s.

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