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Bayangobi It is an extraordinary spot with a wide range of types of characteristic scene; gobi sand rises, woods, and rough mountains. There are chances to climb in the little sand rises and ride a camel. We will visit Erdene Khambyn Khuree. The religious community is situated in the lofty Khugnu Khaan mountains. Edified Bogd Gegeen Zanabazar, a religious pioneer, scholar, craftsman and artist; established the Uvgun and Zaluu sanctuaries to respect his religious instructor.

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Khustai National Park, found roughly 100 km southwest from Ulaanbaatar, is the home to Przewalski horse, the last really wild steed initially found by a Russian zoologist Nikolai MikhailovichPrzhevalsky in 1870s. In the 1960s the steed got to be wiped out in the wild, to a great extent because of rivalry with residential domesticated animals for touching land and water and to chasing for horsemeat. 

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