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Finding Mongolia on horseback is a genuine taste of Mongolia. The solid Mongol steeds which were the most effective friends when Chinggis Khaan and his successors vanquished 50% of the world. On this stallion riding visit, we will make a beeline for Naiman Nuur/Eight Lakes lie 2400 m above ocean level in Khangai mountain range.

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Gobi Gurvan Saihan national park is found 45km to west from Dalanzadgad city, covering a territory of 2 million hectares. It extends 380km from east to west and 80 km from north to south. The recreation center involves rock and rubble fields, salt wetlands, wide and thin valleys with springs and desert gardens.

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Otgontenger is the most noteworthy top in the Khangai Mountains in Mongolia. Its summit is right now figured to achieve a height of 4,008 meters above mean ocean level (some prior topographic maps record a greatest rise of 4,021 m). The mountain is situated in Zavkhan Province and is the main crest in the Khangai range that is topped with a perpetual ice sheet.

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