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Finding Mongolia on horseback is a genuine taste of Mongolia. The solid Mongol steeds which were the most effective friends when Chinggis Khaan and his successors vanquished 50% of the world. On this stallion riding visit, we will make a beeline for Naiman Nuur/Eight Lakes lie 2400 m above ocean level in Khangai mountain range. This picturesque spot is available just on horseback or by walking. The Eight Lakes are called Shireet, Mukhar, Khaliut, Bugat, Khaya, Duruu, Khuis and Onon found 500m to 3 kms from one another. The lakes were made by volcanic ejection. 11,500 hectares range of Eight Lakes has been secured under state assurance since 1992. The main a large portion of our riding will happens in bumpy steppes while a days ago will be in sloping and forested range. Likewise, you will find out about the particular method for itinerant life

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