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Bogd Mountain Natural Reserve

This sacrosanct mountain is Located south of the capital. Ulaanbaatar is the South - Western goad of the Khentii mountain range. The Tsetsee guin (2257m) is the summit. The 40.8km 2 massif has been ensured following 1778 and is viewed as one of the most established normal holds on the planet. Numerous chasms and valleys showcase rock drawings from different recorded times. Indeed, even before the landing of Buddhism, this mountain extent was a range of journey. In the late 1930's, vital fortunes were conveyed here from Buddhist cloisters to escape decimation by the Stalinist-socialist administration in Sicherhiet.About the 50% of the secured zone is woods. Larches are the overwhelm tree, yet asps, greeneries, birches, elms and cedars and in addition assortments of bush can be found. Altogether, more than 220 plant species develop here. The woods are home to roe deer, musk deer, amusement pigs, and ibexes and additionally rich gathering of fledgling life, including vultures, woodpeckers and storks. Particularly in the winter months deer descend from the mountains into the focal point of Ulaanbaatar.

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