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Chinggis Khaan (Sukhbaatar) Square

In July 1921 in the focal point of Ulaanbaatar, the 'legend of the upheaval', Damdin Sükhbaatar, pronounced Mongolia's last autonomy from the Chinese. The square now highlights a bronze statue of Sükhbaatar on the back of his steed. In 2013 the city powers changed the name from Sükhbaatar Square to Chinggis Khaan Square, albeit numerous subjects still allude to it by the old name. 

Quiet hostile to socialism dissents were held here in 1990, which inevitably introduced the time of majority rules system. Today, the square (talbai ) is infrequently utilized for energizes, services and rock shows and celebrations, however is by and large a casual spot where kiddies drive toy autos and high schoolers marvel around on bicycles. Close to the focal point of the square, search for the vast plaque that rundowns the previous names of the city – Örgöö, Nomiin Khuree, Ikh Khuree and Niislel Khuree. 

The gigantic marble development at the north end was finished in 2006 in time for the 800th commemoration of Chinggis Khaan's crowning ordinance. At its inside is a situated bronze Chinggis Khaan statue , reigning over his country. He is flanked by Ögedei (on the west) and Kublai (east). Two acclaimed Mongol warriors (Boruchu and Mukhlai) watch the passage to the landmark. 

Behind the Chinggis landmark stands Parliament House , which is normally known as Government House. An internal yard of the building holds a substantial formal ger utilized for facilitating going to dignitaries. 

Toward the east of the square is the 1970s Soviet-style Cultural Palace , a valuable milestone containing the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery and a few other social establishments. At the southeast corner of the square, the salmon-pinkish building is the State Opera & Ballet Theater . Only south of the Opera House is the image of the nation's new riches, Central Tower , which houses extravagance shops including Louis Vuittan and Armani. 

The projectile dark building toward the southwest is the Mongolian Stock Exchange , which was opened in 1992 in the previous Children's Cinema. Opposite the Central Post Office is a statue of S Zorig , who at 27 years old served to lead the dissents that cut down socialism in 1990 (and was shockingly killed 

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