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horse raceing in Mongolia

There are regularly six classes of steed hustling, contingent upon the period of steeds: for instance, a two-year-old stallion, called a shudlen, will race for 15km, while six and seven-year-old azrag and ikh nas stallions race for up to 30km. There are no tracks or courses; 

it is simply open farmland, which leaves incredible breadth for bamboozling. Racers - young men and young ladies matured somewhere around five and 13 years of age - get ready for a considerable length of time for extraordinary races, especially at Naadam. Steeds are nourished a unique eating routine for quite a long time in advance. The opposition is not without its threats: in 1999 a youthful rider was appallingly murdered amid one of the steed races. 

Prior to a race, the group of onlookers, all decked out in conventional luxury, frequently sings customary melodies. The youthful riders sing a customary song of praise called a gingo before the race, and shout "goog" at the stallions amid the race. 

The victor is announced tumnii ekh, or 'pioneer of ten thousand'. Riders and observers hurry to brush the sweat off a triumphant stallion with a scrubber customarily produced using a pelican's nose. The five triumphant stallions are appreciated and discussed in veneration by the group, and customary lyrics are read out, praising the temperances of the riders and mentors. The five triumphant riders must drink some unique airag, which is then regularly sprinkled on the riders' heads and on the steeds' posteriors. Amid Naadam, a tune is likewise sung to the two-year-old stallion that places last.

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