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Genghis Khan and the Birth of the Mongolian Empire

Despite the fact that everything remained against him, he was to make the biggest Empire ever on Earth. He was called Temudjin. His youth may have been horrendous, his solid willing identity made him survive. Regularly sold out, he generally kept his pledge and requested his colleagues the same behavior. In that Middle-Age, where, crosswise over Asia and in addition in Europe, a human life is less significant than a stallion, where conflicts and fights for the sake of a Religion, a Prince or a King are a simple part, he makes up a correctional code to dispose of the discretionary and indistinguishably relevant to EVERYONE, he sets up a postal administration, which is to persist up to 1949, he sets a strict order among his Armies, he makes open business courses connecting Asia and Europe, he shields Arts and Culture, he advances religious resistance... 

Past these realities, Temudjin raised an Empire, in which the conception status or religion can no more keep somebody in a social class. In Temudjin's Empire, positions, obligations and respects are recompensed by legitimacy and no more to one's introduction to the world. 

Here lies the Major Revolution created by this Temudjin, the dark Mongol tyke nobody would have wager on. 

Temudjin can account among the Great Men of Human History. He remains these days better known under the name Genghis Khan.

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