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Gobi gurvan saikhan national park

Three Beauties of the Gobi is the name for this park. The name is gotten from three mountain goes, the East, Middle and West Beauty. This park was built up in 1993 and expanded its present region in 2000. The recreation center has 27 000 sq km, is the biggest stop in Mongolia. The recreation center lies on the northern edge of the  and situated on the Umnugobi Province and 650 km from Ulaanbaatar city and 45 km from Dalanzadgad City, capital of Umnugobi territory. The primary attractions of the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park has different sorts of common delights and attractions including Yol Valley, Bayanzag Flamming Cliffs and Khongor Sand Dunes.


Yol Valley (Eagle Valley) – is situated in the eastern piece of Gurvan Saikhan Mountain and encompassed by sheer shake dividers ascending more than 2600m above ocean level. Yol Valley is initially settled to monitor the birdlife in the locale yet celebrated for its sensational landscape. The beautiful valley is an astounding normal creation where it has meters thick ice very nearly year around. There is incredible trekking open door from the stopping territories to the glacial mass after the stream. In winter time icy mass is up to 10m high and stays solidified for all year around. You may see wild ibex or argali sheep up in the mountain in the event that you trek at a young hour in the morning. 

Khongor Sand Dunes (Khongoryn Els) - Khongor Sand Dunes (Khongoryn Els) is a biggest and most lovely sand ridge in Mongolia, which achieves a stature of 800 meter, 12 km wide and 100 km long. The Sand ridge lies at the northwest corner of the Gurvan Saikhan Mountain range. It is found 180km from the Dalanzadgad city, commonplace capital. The sound of masses of wind-blown sand can be gotten notification from the long separation. This sound is so melodic and 200m high sand rises called as "Singing Dunes". There is a desert garden called Khongor stream with staggering greenery in the late spring. It is an extraordinary spot to ride two bumped Bacterian camel named by local people "Ruler of Gobi" and see camel raiser's regular life. This sensational view highlights numerous shades of nature as white sand rise, the light green grass, red-blue mountains and the endless blue sky. 

Bayanzag - Bayanzag is otherwise called the "Cemetery of Dinosaurs" and known as Flaming Cliffs to the world. This is a beautiful sexual timberland that is world popular for dinosaur stay old red rock creation, Bayanzag shaped 60-70 million years back,  named Flaming Cliffs by Roy Andrew Chapman, an American traveler who went to Mongolia in 1920s. This territory is similar to genuine Jurassic Park, and excellent desert of rock, red sands, bush and completely open vo

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