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Mongolian Gobi bear “MAZAALAI”

Mazaalai – this straightforward mongolian world means Gobi Bear who occupies in the Gobi desert of Mongolia. No other place on the whole Earth is home for this uncommon specie of Bear. Its logical name is Ursus Arctos Gobiensis. It's recorded in the Red Book of Mongolia with a status of VERY RARE. They were found in the Desert of Aj Bogdo of West Altai mountain goes in mid 1920s. Mazaalai is close eradication & all inclusive undermined bear. 

Dissemination: Mt. Tost & Nemegt; Hairkhan, Zakhui & Zarman desert gardens; Segs Tsagaan Bogdo, Shar Khuls & Tumurtei Khokh ranges; Mt.Atas & Inges; Zaraa& Baruun Khar in the trans Altai Gobi Desert. 

Territory:  Hilly & rough territories close to the lakes, springs and desert gardens, for example, Shar Khuls, Tsagaan Tokhoi & Tsagaan Burgas. Hibernation season is Nov-March. Normal weight is 90-100 kilos & body length is 150 sm & stature is 80-92 sm. 

Sustenance: leaves & foundations of bajuuna ( a desert cabbage like plant ) and kharmag berry ( a desert wild blackberry); desert bugs, reptile & remains of the littler creatures 

Populace: 15-20 bears in 1960; 20 bears in 1970; 25-30 bears in 1980 & 30 bears in earle 1990. The populace varies every year because of the cruel atmosphere and deficiency of nourishment and water. 

Why The Gobi Bear 

- in light of the fact that Mazaalai is the main Bear specie that lives wild in the desert  on the whole Earth 

- in light of the fact that Mazaalai is the last preseved Bear specie that does not live in the zoo in different spots 

- on the grounds that Mazaalai is the same charming and uncommon bear specie as Panda and Koala who appreciate overall consideration & preservation 

- on the grounds that Mazaalai is Mongolia's inclination given national blessing, as well as he is a fortune of the overall natural life kingdom. 

- on the grounds that Mazaalai must be accessible for our future eras to appreciate & find out about this uncommon creature 

Why they pass on? 

- deficiency of sustenance & water in right on time sprting 

- aggravation by animals & individuals 

- coincidental traps & murders 

- movement for access to water & nourishment 

- rivalry for nourishment & domain with animals & humen exercises. 

Elimination Danger. There is no brought together comprehension and insights on the bear populace yet both in Mongolia & world. Mazaalai is the most less contemplated & researched bear on the  planet. The best evaluated number of this specie could reach between 20-25 heads at present. Under the current circumstances of Mongolia's & overall atmosphere changes, Mazaalai confronts much a bigger number of risks to go wiped out than in the trevious decades. In this local home, Mongolia, Mazaalai is out of open & private consideration. The world does not know this uncommon bear by any stretch of the imagination. In any case, each newborn child & senior native on the planet see photographs & pictures of Pandas & Koalas regular. There is no Mazaalai in the zoo anyplace. Should they cease to exist in Mongolia there won't any change to re- present Mazaalai. 

Proposed Actions 

The Government: 

- set up a national non benefit association for investigative exploration & preservation of Mazaalai 

- report 27 September as Save Mazaalai National Day for raising money & state funded instruction to bring issues to light 

- incorporate mazaalai protection ventures into universal preservation programm 

- set up regulation for travel & tourism related organizations to give a measure of continuing to the establishment 

The quick tasks: 

- begin populace registration 

- ensure & restore desert springs, lakes & springs in the natural surroundings ranges 

- do attainability studies for waterholes & nourishing stations ventures 

- study & execute re- presenting in past territory 

Save the Gobi Bear Foundation 

(Mazaalai Foundation) 

Devoted Volunteers to Wildlife Conservation of Mongolia 

Mazaalai implies Gobi be


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