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Mongolian Traditional dwelling

The Mongolian, Kyrgyz and Kazakh individuals live in ger what the West, after Russians, call yurt. In any case, Kyrgyz and Kazakh individuals have surrendered the compact home of travelers and as of now exchanged to a stationary lifestyle. Hovel was the first human staying 10 thousand years prior. 

From there on, a round structure staying ger, the versatile home of migrants has been made. Its destroying takes just 30 minutes, erection takes around 60 minutes. The "khana" (wooden divider shell) is raised and the "uni" (rafters) are situated and at exactly that point is the covering felt laid. The bigness ropes express future, present and past times, and the three eras. 

The significant items and religious sacrificial stones are kept in "hoimor" inverse the entryway. Male tangibles, including seat and harness and also Morin Huur (steed head fiddle) are kept in the western area, as it is possessed by men. Ladies involve the eastern segment, where they keep kitchen utensils in a rack. Ger resembles the physical globe. Because of its round-structure, it doesn't store terrible vitality in its corners. Individuals who live in ger effectively get snoozing. What's more, spending a night in ger rapidly evacuates one's disturbance and displeasure.

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