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Nomadic herders in mongolia

Mongolian travelers are pastoralists who live in close autarky, the life of the family relies on upon the wellbeing of groups and is punctuated via tending to creatures. Customarily, a Mongolian roaming family has five sorts of creatures, accumulated under the name of five gags, which are separated between. 

Hot gags: stallions and sheep, 

Icy gags: bovines/ yaks, camels and goats. 

A few times amid the year, as indicated by the needs of domesticated animals and field conditions, migrant families move their yurts. The areas are precisely picked, and are for the most part the same starting with one year then onto the next. 

In summer, the roaming family will support an area close to a stream, to guarantee water supply for the family and crowds, and great fields. 

In winter, the need is given to insurance against the extraordinary chilly of Mongolian winter, and the family settles its "winter" camp shielded from the twist in a little valley or at the edge of a woods. Little nooks are frequently constructed to assemble the groups around evening time so they keep warm. 

Every creature gives its meat, milk, fat, calfskin, and they are a focal piece of the eating regimen of the family, obviously, additionally of the production of the yurt, the customary dress, apparatuses... 

The steeds (and camel in the Gobi Desert) assume an uncommon part, in light of the fact that they are utilized for transport.

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