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Otgontenger Mountain

Otgontenger is the most noteworthy top in the Khangai Mountains in Mongolia. Its summit is right now figured to achieve a height of 4,008 meters above mean ocean level (some prior topographic maps record a greatest rise of 4,021 m). The mountain is situated in Zavkhan Province and is the main crest in the Khangai range that is topped with a perpetual ice sheet. The south face of Mount Otgontenger is the most broad rock divider in Mongolia.Since the presentation of Buddhism, conventional Mongolian convictions have held that furious gods possess a significant number of Mongolia'ssacred mountains. Ochirvaani is especially connected with Otgontenger. 

In August 1963, an Ilyushin 14 flying machine collided with the side of the mountain while on course.

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