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Terelj national park

Terelj National Park - is a presentation of steppe locales of the southwestern piece of Khentii mountain range. In 1993, the Gorkhi-Terelj territory was secured as a National Park, particularly as a result of its common grand excellence it has been utilized as a tourism destination by both Mongolians and outsiders since 1964. Terelj was name of a plant (Latin ledum) which is extremely copious in the zone and which blooms toward the end of the spring. Edelweiss is additionally extremely regular here. The woodlands are brimming with birch, cedar, pine, willow, larch and aspen. Untamed life incorporates foxes, wolves, and squirrels. The high landscape and incredible rock developments of Terelj national park were the countries of Chinggis Khaan and his swarms. The stone developments Terlj National Park are entrancing, while more than 250 feathered creature species make it a captivating spot to unwind. Some of rock arrangements take after the long spiky assortments of ancient creatures. The recreation center is arranged 50 km upper east of the capital city Ulaanbaatar, in the Southern foothills of the Khentii Mountains. The recreation center's most dynamite elements are its gigantic rock squares and bluffs and in addition glades rich in wild blossoms. The two noteworthy streams, the Tuul and the Terelj, are critical as a water asset for Ulaanbaatar. 

The focal part is uninhabited and can be entered just by walking or horseback. Hot springs along the Onon River are popular for their restorative qualities. At that point Khentii Mountains have awesome authentic noteworthiness as the origination of Chinggis Khan. Analysts are as yet hunting down his tomb. 

The mountain steppe is especially rich in species and hues. Here, plants can be found from all parts of the mainland: species from the Arctic tundra and northern coniferous backwoods become beside Mongolian steppe grass; types of Euro-Siberian woods steppe bushes venture into the Khentii from the west; types of Manchurian-Daurian steppe herbs stretch out into the zone from the east. Edelweiss knolls are boundless. 

By and large, 50 warm blooded creature species are known from the Khentii. Vital predators are chestnut bear, wolf, lynx, wolverine and sable. Huge herbivores are spoken to by the maral, a sub-types of red deer, moose Siberian roe deer and musk deer. 

Turtle Rock – One of the unordinary forming rock is the Turtle Rock, or called Melkhi Khad by local people, is a fascinating rock development resembling a turtle. The Turtle rock is situated in the valley, it was around 20 minutes drive from our base cam

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