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Altai Tavan Bogd is the nighest mountain in Mongolia. The significance of the name is Five Saints of Altai. This mountain is situated in the Bayan Ulgii territory. The Huiten Peak is the most elevated purpose of Mongolia at 4374 meters above ocean level. Other than Huiten top, the mountain incorporates four crests as Nairamdal, Malchin, Burged and Ulgii. 

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Three Beauties of the Gobi is the name for this park. The name is gotten from three mountain goes, the East, Middle and West Beauty. This park was built up in 1993 and expanded its present region in 2000.

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normal for the ensured range, which stretches out for more than 200 kilometers along the Chinese outskirt. This territory is situated in Dornod aimag and Sukhbaatar aimag and is the main illustrative of the steppe land area which has not been affected by monetary exercises.

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The chestnut fields and rough outcrops of Middle Gobi region extend more than 78'000 square kilometers of domain between Tuv area and the South Gobi. The northern piece of the territory is relatively green, yet the southern region looks more like the Gobi Desert. The region is a genuine finding for archeologists and researchers examining the Mongolian history of the 10-12th hundreds of years.

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For 3 000 years, the populace of the steppes have embraced a peaceful lifestyle moving in the hunt of best fields and camping areas. They live by and for their animals, in the front line of which the stallion without a doubt was the first creature trained in these unbounded knolls. Today, more or less a large portion of ofMongolia's populace is as yet meandering the limitless fields living in the ger and moving their campings a few times each year on the grounds with no wall.

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The Mongolian, Kyrgyz and Kazakh individuals live in ger what the West, after Russians, call yurt. In any case, Kyrgyz and Kazakh individuals have surrendered the compact home of travelers and as of now exchanged to a stationary lifestyle. Hovel was the first human staying 10 thousand years prior. 

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Mongolian travelers are pastoralists who live in close autarky, the life of the family relies on upon the wellbeing of groups and is punctuated via tending to creatures. Customarily, a Mongolian roaming family has five sorts of creatures, accumulated under the name of five gags, which are separated between. 

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This sacrosanct mountain is Located south of the capital. Ulaanbaatar is the South - Western goad of the Khentii mountain range. The Tsetsee guin (2257m) is the summit. The 40.8km 2 massif has been ensured following 1778 and is viewed as one of the most established normal holds on the planet.

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